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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Want sex with a bar girl in Pattaya Thailand?

Guidance & advice - sex with a bar girl 
in Pattaya Thailand?

Want sex with a  bar girl in Pattaya Thailand - who doesn’t? So how do you go about it? Unfortunately, sex with a bar girl in Thailand is not in their eyes compulsory, even though most bar girls are desperate for money! Despite all your beliefs, if bar girls don`t want to have sex with you – they won`t! When chatting to a bar girl, you may think you`re in control of the situation.You may think you hold all the cards. You may even think your cash makes you irresistible to her, but l`m sorry to disappoint you, because you`ll be wrong on every account! Sex with a bar girl in pattaya Thailand is “up to her” – not you!

The “poor” bar girl has more principles than you and I – that`s for sure! Principles do not relate to our somewhat out-dated western views regarding sex. Sex with a bar girl in Pattaya Thailand is another issue altogether! Sex to her can be fun, it can be enjoyable, but without the necessity to be in love, or even to be in a relationship (please remember this!). Sex with a bar girl in Pattaya, means she`ll have fun, in return for a service – and nothing more! To a bar girl, sex is no different than her serving you with a drink, and in return you buy her one – it`s just a service – that`s all. Providing you pay for it (with a small tip of appreciation), the bar girl will be more than happy! Young bar girls, the same as young men - enjoy sex! So if they enjoy sex - what`s wrong with enjoying sex for money?

However, bar girl principles are strong, in fact very strong. Although Thai culture is based on the fact that “everyone is equal”, l believe that`s simply not true! Girls working in Ago-gos have to have sex with “X” amount of customers every month. If they don`t their wages are cut, but despite this, some girls still will not have sex with certain customers! Bar girls can do the exactly the same, but how can they judge when everyone`s supposed to be equal? I honestly don`t know, so l`ll leave that for you to decide.

So then,how do you have sex with a bar girl in Pattaya? Often there is a language barrier between you and the bar girl, but this is easily overcome. Simple gestures and actions are commonplace when communicating. If you can master this, and are clean shaven, presentable, and polite - the odds are she will “warm to you”. To make certain – do your utmost to keep your bar girl amused. A sense of humour, a smile and a funny gesture will work wonders on her - and l cannot stress how important this is. Bar girls love fun, they want to be amused and if you follow my advice, the odds are they will respond with great sex, by keeping you fully amused - in the bedroom! 

In my opinion, if you want sex with a bar girl in Pattaya Thailand, you`ll have a far greater success and mind blowing sex, if you simply make fun and laughter with a happy smile, as opposed to a drunken, loud mouthed, beer swilling idiot! 

It`s always worth remembering too, that all bar girls offer a short term sex service! In the bar she may look like the stunning sexy starlet of your dreams, but will she perform “U” turns under the sheets when it comes to sex in bed? With that in mind, I recommend you take your bar girl for a short term “trial” and put your “toe in the water” before committing for a longer period! 

Want sex with a bar girl in Pattaya Thailand? Then just follow my simple advice, and you`ll be getting plenty of it too!


  1. The girl in the video has some curves. Do you know wich bar she was working in? Cheers


    1. Looking at the curves, I guess she`s worked in most of them. Her phone numbers in my 7th blog!

      Just sit a bar, and she`ll come at some point for sure!

      Hope it helps



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