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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Want To Meet Thai Ladies For Fun & Sex?

Want to meet a Thai lady, for sex, friendship, or marriage?

Are you`re looking for a Thai Lady, for sex, friendship or even to marry?  Thai women are no different from anywhere else in the world – except if you`re from Europe, they`re a lot cheaper, more accommodating (especially when sex is involved), and certainly – more understanding.  Having said that, they`ll probably cost you more money than you`ve ever imagined!

Apart from my views, you must read the book “Money Number One”. This will give you all the reasons why you should NEVER meet a Thai Lady, for, friendship or even marriage as the true life horror accounts, will put you off Thai women forever. Yes it`s true, but I still believe if you`re aware of all the pitfalls then there`s genuine Thai Ladies out there for sex, friendship, or even marriage – providing you have cash! It makes no difference if you just sponsor her for sex, friendship, or marriage. Even if she has your children - it`s only good providing you have money. Money is the root of all evil, and that`s why insecure guys with short pockets go on holiday to Pattaya Thailand - just to have their brains banged out of them.  But does it end there? Well for the well-disciplined ones amongst you, you`ll go to the airport, jump on a plane home, and simply look forward to your next holiday in Thailand. 

However, there are those who can`t wait to get home, and phone their “new found Thai lady”, and this is where all your problems start. Let`s suppose you`ve met and obviously had sex with a bargirl or a dancer from an Ago-go. The odds are that you`ll want her to change her ways? In doing so you`ll insist that she stops work, because you don`t want her to carry on having sex with different guys every night of the week! If she hasn`t already asked you for money – she will now, pretending that she`s giving up work and going home to live with her family. That`s simply not true. Your bar girl or Ago-go dancer, will still carry on working and earning money by selling sex! She`ll assure you that she`s given up “work”, and as such she`ll expect you to supply her with funds. But unknown to you she`ll most probably have have half a dozen or more men who are sending her money - exactly the and stupidly they all think the same as you – that you are the only one! Believe me, this is the rule – not the exception! If you`re reading this and thinking to yourself “mines different” – then go and seek urgent help – because she`s not – I guarantee it!

 When it comes to sex, a Thai lady is no different from women in our own home town, regardless of where you come from in the world. A few are nymphomaniacs, the majority just enjoy sex, and the remainder just go through the motions! So why do you think sex in Thailand is so different – well believe me - It`s not - it`s just cheaper! Quite simply it`s because you`re on holiday in a vast continent where “everything “and “anything” goes! That`s why when you`re on holiday in Thailand with a pocket full of notes, you feel like a new millionaire who`s just won the lottery! You also feel like you can buy and have sex with any Thai Lady, well the truth is you probably can – but remember this - you`ll never own one – even in marriage! 

I don`t care if, you want to meet a Thai lady, for sex, friendship, or even marriage, you`ll only have a relationship all the time you have money.  More importantly that money will be sent to her family!
                                                                                                     Don`t lie to yourself - because even if you have married her – and it doesn`t matter how much money you have - you will never ever be part of her family! A Thai lady has one priority in life and that`s certainly not you! Sex, friendship or even marriage is just a method to gain access to your money and provide a better future for her family. Don`t get me totally wrong, if you provide an opportunity for a Thai lady to work in your home country, she will and she`ll work extremely hard. But all the money she earns will not be equally divided between the two of you. It`s her money, and more important it`s money she`s earned for her family! You`ll still have to keep or sponsor her!

Meeting Thai women for sex is great fun in Pattaya but remember you are only having fun and not forming a relationship. The taxi door shutting to take you home, is an excellent time to leave behind unwanted extra baggage, do not swap phone numbers or email addresses. Just get yourself off home with some wonderful memories. As for marriage – I wouldn’t even consider it until you have lived together for a year or two, preferably in each other’s countries. Relationships with Thai women can work but you will probably have better luck doing the National Lottery – and if you win… then why would you want to get married?

Remember, Pattaya is just an adult fantasy world, to have holiday sex and a great time. So if you`re after a long term relationship, then try one of the many Thai dating agencies on line. Don`t get caught in the “holiday sex trap”.

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