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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cheap sex Pattaya (Part 2) Short time rooms.

Soi Six – 100`s of girls for short time sex!

When on holiday in Pattaya, the short time sex bars of Soi 6 are to be found running from beach road, down into first road, ( just along from the bowling Alley). As a rule it only takes about 7/8 minutes to stroll through - but for the prized lecher on holiday and out from his Pattaya hotel for the first time, this will take at least 15 minutes - maybe even more! So I recommend every holiday maker should at least visit the Soi.

Soi 6 Pattaya, has between 40-50 short time bars, packed full of sexy young ladies offering short time sex! Many of the bars face each other, with the majority having a black/smoked glass front, and at least 10/20 scantily dressed girls sitting outside, squeezed into sexy theme costumes to tempt in the amazed holiday maker.

The short time bars in Pattaya open at 3.00 until they close at 1.00am. At its busiest (9.00pm - 11pm) there can be as many as 500+ girls working in The Soi. There`s even a couple of lady boy bars there too. Take a look at Pook Bar and six up  - if that`s what “rocks your boat”?
Soi 6, Pattaya is all about short time sex. Think of it as a service industry! Here, girls of every shape, size and age, can cater for the needs and desires of curious holiday makers.

Whatever your taste in girls, I guarantee you will find at least one here!

The girls in Soi Six obviously offer short time sex for the single male, but surprisingly they are equally accommodating to single females on holiday, who are also made to feel very welcome too! As I mentioned, the girls on the Soi try to cater for holiday makers of every taste, (as long as you have the money to spend of course!). That`s the reason, why more and more couples (swingers and sexually liberated people) also visit the soi.

When you`ve decided on a short time bar in Pattaya that`s of interest, you`ll enter - or more than likely be escorted in - through the door or curtain. Inside, you`ll usually see a humble bar, with sparsely furnished seating – (oh and more girls of course), and maybe even a few lockers for the girls personal effects! The short time bars in Soi Six, are not exactly 5 star, as they are simply a cover for short time sex! The drinks (beers) are reasonably priced at 70-100 baht, but expect to pay more for imported shorts and "lady drinks", these should be around 125 baht each.

Upstairs, the short time rooms and facilities are also very basic indeed. The bedrooms are kept fairly clean, and may only be separated by a pull across curtain from the adjoining room - so beware of things that go “bump” in the night! There is more often than not a “communal” shower facility, which is an added little holiday bonus, if a few of the girls are “freshening up”! Overall, the toilet is generally kept clean, but make allowances during the busiest times.

So how much will short time sex cost you? Obviously it varies from bar to bar, but generally the short time rooms in Soi 6, are available to hire from 250 baht! Sex with the short time girl of your dreams, is as always negotiable (the same as everything else when on holiday in Pattaya)  – but it will certainly cost a minimum of 500 baht! So the total amount needed for, short time sex at the premises, with the girl of your dreams, and a few beers, will generally cost around 1,000 to 1,200 baht – that`s “All inclusive” – with no extra add-ons! 

That`s why nearly every single male holiday maker to Pattaya, pays at least one visit to Soi- Six! So next time you`re on holiday in Pattaya, I hope you will too!

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